We envision a radically multicultural world, where native cultures and languages are valued and preserved. 
Where communities are vibrant, interconnected, and diverse. 
And where any refugee or immigrant can thrive.

Who We Are

We work at the intersection of social mobility, health equity, and language justice to  reshape the social and economic landscape that otherwise forces refugee and immigrant communities into the margins of society.

Long term relationship-based support

Our cultural accompaniment model is all about relationships. In the Bridge Builders program, local residents work with RCP members to address immediate needs and work toward long term goals. These relationships are grounded in a critical awareness of structures and legacies of power and oppression, and are wonderfully reciprocal, where both parties take care of one another.

Access to opportunities and resources

Through Hive Link, we collect, translate, and disseminate information digitally to Members in their language of proficiency, and on their platforms of choice. Members receive everything from alerts on public health and safety information, to notifications about job opportunities, or school resource fairs, to chances to participate in town halls. And we provide interactive support, so Members can talk to a real person about information received.

Language justice

Through Language Partners we provide proactive interpretation and accompaniment for refugee and immigrant community members whose primary language is not English. And we provide skill building and career training for refugee and immigrant youth who want to work in language services.


Women’s Group provides therapeutic support for refugee women who are survivors of war-related trauma by using social kinship and the arts to facilitate social and emotional healing. Community Conversations- monthly gatherings between refugee and immigrant residents and local law enforcement, was born out of the Women’s Group ideation.

Cultural Stewardship

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Impact Section

News & Stories

In the Press

Advocacy win for language access

On Monday, March 27, 2024, the Town of Carrboro passed the Town-wide Language Access Plan, developed with the Refugee Community Partnership (RCP) and the Building Integrated Communities program at the UNC Institute for the Study of the Americas. The Language Access Plan will serve as a municipal road map aimed at reducing language barriers to critical services and information, prioritizing the Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Karen and Burmese-speaking communities.
In the Press

On the frontlines of American democracy

With misinformation soaring, it’s more important than ever that communities have reliable sources of information to count on. New Media Ventures has awarded 14 trusted messengers in key Southern and swing states to protect democracy. “Given the declining trust in traditional news outlets and national brands, we believe that investing in trusted media and messengers, not just nationally but also at the local level, is essential to protecting and expanding our democracy,” said New Media Ventures President Carlissia N. Graham...

Winner of 2023 JMK Innovation Prize

RCP's VAULT (Voices for Advancement Until Language Transformation) is one of 10 awardees of the J.M. Kaplan Fund's Innovation Prize, designed to support change makers tackling America’s most pressing challenges through social and environmental innovation. “VAULT is pioneering a community-first model for patients who are systemically excluded from our healthcare system,” said Justin Goldbach, J.M.K. Innovation Prize Program Director...
In the Press

Redefining the resettlement experience in North Carolina

In Welcoming America's newest article "Redefining the refugee resettlement experience in North Carolina", RCP (Carrboro, NC) and Every Campus A Refuge (Greensboro, NC) are featured for our approaches to addressing gaps in the refugee resettlement landscape to provide meaningful inclusion and lasting safety and opportunity for forcibly displaced people rebuilding life in NC.

2022 Impact Storyboard is here!

Our much-celebrated Impact Storyboard is hot off the press, packed with stories, memorable moments, shout outs, and lessons learned from 2022.

EXCITING NEWS: RCP's new Co-Executive Directors!

We've been quiet the last few months, but only because we've been hard at work, and finally the time is here! It is with unbridled joy and electric excitement to share that, beginning July 1st, Daniella Runyambo, Meagan Clawar, Katherine Ward, and Maddie Hayes will serve as RCP's Co-Executive Directors! For many years we have been longing to transition away from a sole Executive Director model and toward a a collective leadership structure, and one that centers lived experience with the refugee and migrant journey. Daniella, Meagan, and Katherine are brilliant, hilarious, and inspiring badasses who have brought immense wisdom and vision to the RCP team.

Families from Afghanistan are arriving

While our hearts are aching for Afghanistan, we are ready to welcome families arriving in the Chapel Hill area and help them create a safe, peaceful, dignified new home and robust support networks. The most effective way you can help is by setting up a recurring donation, but don't hesitate to get in touch with us if there is any other way you'd like to help.

RCP Awarded $300,000 to Address Language Inaccess in Healthcare

Refugee Community Partnership today announced a $300,000 grant in support of an ambitious campaign to address language inaccess within local health care institutions. The three year campaign is part of the Community Solutions for Health Equity program, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and led by the national non-profit health equity advocacy organization, Community Catalyst.